We mourn the death of Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on 26.12 2021

Archbishop Tutu was a leader in human rights issues as well as a strong supporter of Voluntary Assisted Dying.

One of the world’s most highly regarded religious leaders, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu of South Africa  stated in the  video message above: “People who are terminally ill should have the option of dignified and compassionate assisted dying alongside the wonderful palliative care that already exists”.  “I pray that lawmakers, politicians and religious leaders have the courage to support choices terminally ill citizens make in departing Mother Earth with dignity and love.”

Ian Wood, spokesperson for the Australian group, Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying, said in 2017 on an earlier post on this website,  “I am delighted to learn that Archbishop Tutu is willing to give his blessing and support to our Christian campaign for legislation to allow the option of compassionate choice for a person who is terminally or incurably ill with intolerable suffering.”

“The Archbishop recognises the enormous value of palliative care, yet, as do all those who advocate Voluntary Assisted Dying, he also understands that the best palliative care cannot adequately relieve all futile suffering”, said Mr Wood.

Mr Wood continued: “It is significant that Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, UK, and head of the Anglican Church worldwide, had previously sent a personal message to Annie Gabrielides.”  Lord Carey said: ’I support this Statement [of clergy support for Anne and voluntary assisted dying] strongly and would love my name to be added. Do tell Anne that she is very much in my thoughts and prayers. 

Annie, died not long afterwards from the ravages of Motor Neurone Disease. She had been the ‘face’ of of the Voluntary Assisted Dying effort in NSW in 2017.

Victoria passed their VAD Bill that year, and it was lost in the NSW Legislative Council by one vote.

New South Wales is now the only state without a VAD law. A VAD Bill has passed the Lower House in 2021 and is due to be debated in 2022 in the Legislative Council after a Committee of Inquiry into the provisions of the Bill report is received.

The points NSW Members of Parliament need to consider are unchanged from 2017

These are.

-Please read the Bill.

-Please study the Victorian Ministerial Panel Report on Assisted Dying as it details the reasons behind the 66 recommendations the Panel made.

-Please consider the FACTS before voting, not the fear mongering of those opposing

– Please remember when voting that in a democracy you are representing the conscience of your voters, and vote Yes, to give us this basic human right, a say in the way we die.


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