With new assisted dying Bills proposed for South Australia and Tasmania, the inquiry in Victoria and a cross party committee working on the issue in NSW, I am hoping there will be a breakthrough to give compassionate CHOICE in 2016.

Quebec Province in Canada in 2014, and California in USA in 2015 have shown Australia how it can be done in 2016!

Meanwhile if you would like to read more of the facts supporting CHOICE for assisted dying and/or voluntary euthanasia, please check out the following books…..

They are not in any particular order –

NEW “Your final choice. Hastening your death when terminally ill – eight questions to ask yourself”, by Kenneth Ralph. Kenneth changed to an accepting point of view from a position against after realising there has been Christian support for this choice for many years, plus being actually at the bedside of dying people as part of his job at the time.

“Is there a Christian Case for Assisted Dying?” by Prof. Paul Badham, (YES, there is a Christian case!)

“A Dignified Dying” by Hans Kung, (A Catholic viewpoint)

“The Dying Process. Patient’s experiences of Palliative Care” by Julia Lawton This book contains some graphic real life descriptions of what dying can be like in a worst case situation.

“A Good Death” by Dr Rodney Syme. Surely a ‘must read’ and available in many public libraries.

“Death by Choice vs Religious Dogma” by Hani Montan

“Doctor, Please help me Die” by Tom Preston, MD

“Death with Dignity” by Robert Orfali. Also available as an e-book

“Being Mortal” by Dr Atul Gawande

“I want the choice of a peaceful death” by Ian Wood. Our own booklet that effectively rebuts the Christian argument against assisted dying. Can be downloaded from this website, or if you prefer a hard copy, please email contactus.

I have a large number of supportive articles on file. If you would like to read some of these, please email me with your request via this website.

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